connie winters

Perhaps best-known for her vibrant Impressionist-Style paintings, Winters has a unique sensitivity to color. Her unusual gift for color has enabled her to excel as a painter who captures on canvas the lush splendor of spring gardens and other colorful scenes. She paints intimate interiors, sunny landscapes and riots of flowers using color as a way of "expressing happiness". A passionate gardener, Winters cultivates her arbors, paths and flowers, encouraging color as seen on her canveses.


Although Winters has painted most of her life, she didn't initially set out to become a full-time artist. She gave herself two years to develop her art and began selling through a couple of galleries. She is now represented by seven well-known galleries in the Southeast.


Winters travels frequently and also runs a popular Painting in Provence Program which allowas her students to travel to France to study painting. Her paintings often reflect her travels through Europe and reveal her ongoing fascination with the countryside of Provence, France and Tuscany.

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