fran speight

Fran Speight's pastels depict familiar scenes of rural landscapes and nature which invoke the special beauty of the everyday views around us. Fran has been involved with visual arts since she began experimenting with oils in the 1960's. Her work has evolved through several mediums through the years, including watercolor and pen and ink. Pastoral line drawings were her focus in the 1980's when she won the Landmark Series from the Stokes County Arts Council. She even delved into the large-scale, creating the sets for the Stokes County Theater. Recently, she has turned her focus to pastels and her work has risen to a new level. Fran says "this is the most difficult and rewarding medium I've used...the pastels give me a richness of color and control of light I've not experienced before."

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717 Trade St NW,

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

336 723 3653